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Retreats, Programs and Presentations

Let's Work Together

You can engage me for retreats, mindfulness programs and individual presentations. We can discuss your intentions and goals and create something that can truly benefit organizations, clients, and students.

Mindfulness and Emotions.jpg
Mindfulness and Emotions.jpg


I collaborate with organizations to create customized retreats addressing topics important to those attending. This work involved business owners, corporate leaders and high-level performers and those interested in re-imagining their lives in creative ways.


Mindfulness Programs

I work with conservatories, colleges, universities and other institutions to offer mindfulness programs for performers. These multi-week programs introduce mindfulness practices and focus on the unique needs of performers. Topics include increasing learning efficiency, developing and maintaining concentration, self-talk, , stage fright, perfectionism and expanding the artists' range of expressive freedom.



I am a frequent presenter at international conferences and special events for organizations. Topics range from adopting practices for increasing personal creativity, and adding mindfulness practices to daily living to focusing on healing areas like working with difficult emotions, managing stress, addressing habitual behavior and becoming more skillful in relationships.

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