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Body Awareness

This week is focused on connecting to your body sensations and becoming aware of tension and relaxation. The body is your anchor this week. You can direct your attention to each part of the body from the outer skin to the workings of the muscles to directly experience the constantly changing state of being alive..

Sit with a relaxed and calm mind, observing the flow of sensations, without aversion, without expectations.

Joseph Goldstein

The Experience of Insight


Just after waking up

Finding Sitting Posture

00:00 / 04:00

Just before practice

The Practice of Observing

00:00 / 05:05

Just before sleep

Isolation of Tension and Letting Go

00:00 / 07:31

Mere physical sitting is not enough. You have to sit carefully and attentively. Let your body sit and let your mind sit. Let your emotions sit; let your breathing sit, let your blood circulation sit. Let your entire being sit.

Taizan Maezumi

On Zen Practice


Just after waking up

Sitting Still in Good Posture

00:00 / 04:30

Just before practice

Mind/Body Dialogue

00:00 / 06:44

Just before sleep

Intentional Deep Relaxation

00:00 / 07:40

Eventually we see that mind and body aren't so separate, aren't so different.... We begin experiencing thought and mental states throughout our whole system; then, feeling and thinking become aspects of the same process, not so different from each other.

Stephen Levine

A Gradual Awakening


Just after waking up

Peaceful Abiding

00:00 / 06:32

Just before practice

Minimizing Effort

00:00 / 02:57

Just before sleep

Muscle Awareness

00:00 / 05:53

As meditative mindfulness develops, your whole experience of life changes. Your experience of being alive, the very sensation of being conscious becomes lucid and precise, no longer just an unnoticed background for your preoccupations.

Bhante Gunaratana

Mindfulness in Plain English


Just after waking up

Walking Meditation

00:00 / 03:21

Just before practice

Finding the Middle Way

00:00 / 02:51

Just before sleep

Listening to the Body

00:00 / 06:44

How to calm the body? One way is through "sweeping meditation", in which you "sweep" your attention through the body concentrating on the sensations in the body as you do so. The body need to be noticed and accepted for what it is. So we bring into consciousness even the tensions, unpleasant sensations and sensation-less parts of the body....Then, as these formations start to calm down, we begin to feel much more aware of the silence of mind.

Ajahn Sumedo

The Way It Is


Just after waking up

Experiencing the Core

00:00 / 06:42

Just before practice

The Sweet Spot

00:00 / 04:42

Just before sleep

Exterior Body Scan

00:00 / 05:00
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